Michael J. Fazio, Jr., Esq.

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Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Michael J. Fazio, Jr. provides proven estate planning solutions. He helps clients understand the relevance of Estate Planning Documents. In drafting these documents, he uses successful strategies to express, without ambiguity, your wishes when you cannot communicate for yourself due to disability or incompetency.

Real Estate

Whether a residential or commercial transaction, an attorney should be retained to draft or review legal documents, negotiate legal issues, and conduct the closing of the transaction, whether you are the Seller or Buyer.

Residential Buyers should consult with an attorney before signing the Offer to Purchase

Commercial Buyers should consult with a commercial real estate attorney before signing a memorandum of understanding

Attorney Michael Fazio has more than 30 years working with residential and commercial real estate buyers and sellers.


Running a successful business means having smart contracts and other agreements that pave the way to that success. We work closely with our business clients to ensure they have all the protection they need when they enter and create business contracts or make modifications. From commercial leases to purchase and sales/buy and sell, employment contracts, mergers and acquisitions, information technology contracts, contract amendments, modifications and contract review, we are there with you to help assure your business contracts work for you.

Business Contracts are at the core of success for companies of all sizes. If your contracts are valid and enforceable, your business operations can progress smoothly. If there are flaws or omissions in your contractual agreements, it can cause enormous problems, including financial losses.