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Frequently Asked Questions

Attorney Michael Fazio answers questions about estate planning, real estate legal needs and business contract issues.

Why do I need a real estate attorney?

When considering buying or selling real estate, you need a real estate attorney to handle a myriad of issues including drafting an offer to purchase, purchase and sale agreement, legal description, and negotiation. Although your financial institution will have an attorney, your attorney will work for you: reviewing your mortgage documents, helping at the closing of transaction. Your real estate attorney will work for you to be certain your property purchase is not affected by contamination, zoning, and occupancy issues, among other matters. Learn more …

What does an Estate Planning Lawyer do?

Estate Planning lawyers draft competency documents, wills, and trusts to lessen or avoid estate taxes. Your Estate Planning lawyer will work to keep assets safe from creditors after death. Learn more …

What is the first thing to ask a Business Contracts Lawyer?

The first question to ask your contracts lawyer is, "Will the contract seek to be unambiguous, with a goal of reducing risk and protecting my business?" Learn more …

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